Monday, January 10, 2011

Linkage Vol. 1

So I like to add 'age' on the end of words. I promise I don't do it in fiction unless dialogue calls for it. But I digress. This is the first of my blog posts of links. Most of what I'm offering today is reading material as I begin editing my NaNo novel. Chuck Wendig's blog is fun times, I like his style. So here are his posts on editing from December:

Why You Need Help Editing
Edit Your Shit 1: Copyedit
Edit your Shit 2: Content
Edit Your Shit 3: Context
Structure Baby!

I do this because they were a pain in the ass to find on the terrible minds site and might be helpful to someone.

In other news, I put the first Lucas story up on Smashwords. Please, tell me what more needs to be edited in my shit. I want a few opinions before I put up a cleaner version. Editing never ends. Realize this now and your writing world will be a lot happier.

I am also a proud participant in Inkygirl's Word Count challenge.

I have made my first day of the thousand word goal(1349 to be exact), and so proudly display her web badge. I will get it in the sidebar soon enough.

What are your editing goals for this year?


  1. Shouldn't that be "...the thousand word goal...?" I'M SORRY...I'M HALF GERMAN AND ALL ANAL (well, when it comes to other people's writing, which is why I ask you to edit mine.) Anyway, think I'm going to do the challenge myself.

  2. ::writes note to self::
    Can't post a link blog without copyediting.

    I hope you do CJ, will help me keep on track this year.