Saturday, November 13, 2010

PAD Challenge Catch Up

I think I am killing my brain a bit trying to do this challenge and NaNo in the same month, but I will survive. Took a few days away from poems, either forgetting because I finished NaNo too late or in desperately needed rest.

I realize now that I need to listen to Hulk Hogan and take my damn vitamins. One can not live on coffee and cigarettes alone.

Here are the last four days of prompts, including today:

10th-A love poem.


I looked up and I saw
Orion, a dear warrior
in the sky.

All I could think of
was finding your face
to watch his belt.

You are my sunshine
I no longer need
a reason why.

11th-No One Wants (blank)

"No One Wants Sally"

hiding behind the bleachers
a bandanna over her hair
Sally probes her bomber jacket
for cigarettes-and stares
out to a painted field, colored
by white and blond and red
every color of the rainbow
it's all paranoia, in her head.
They'd let her join them if she wanted
but she chooses to be apart
Sally hits her smoke and falters
in second grade they broke her heart.

12th-Forget about it.


"I forgot to say I love you."
"I know."
"There is no one else above you."
"I care."
"Is there anything to do?"
"The snow."
"It's more beautiful than you."
"I know."

13th-Open ended question.

"Where to Go"

Are you hungry
I think so, where
would you like to go?
I don't know, pass it
on, where would you
like to go? Well I
don't know, it's time
to chow, can you make
a decision tonight?

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