Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tell Me Why I'm Stacking the Lost and Found

Inspired by the pad Chapbook Challenge. Robert Lee Brewer is a great poet, and the comments are fun to procrastinate with. I'm playing catchup again. My second rejection has made me feel better about continuing to write. At least I am trying now.

"Tell Me Why Everything's Broken”

Is it the cigarettes
or the lack of exercise
or the color tv?
Tell me why everything's broken.

Is it the unwanted children
or incompetent fathers
or unfit mothers?
Tell me why everything's broken.

Is it consumer culture
or trickle down government
or a war over oil?
Tell me why everything's broken.

Is it the rising poverty level
or the crisis of education
or the indulgence of the rich?
Tell me why everything's broken.

And the little boy says-
It's all of that and more.”


one circle, slapped
down, filled, covered
with sugary staying
power, to rise high-
with proper support.
dowels shoved in
the next tier placed
with care; for these
are the days of our lives.

My lost and found poem for today found in the comments of today's post for PAD.

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